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Now, If you don't have access to pros with surplus equipment, you might look to save a few bucks another way. The way I figure it, if you're using a hockey upper, you almost certainly need to beef up the arms and shoulders, and upper chest with add ons.

Nike Air Vapormax Tn Hybrid

Box attacker plastic bicep pads

Melax, I'm 26 and about 6' to 6'1". Weigh about 190. If you know anyone that size looking to sell some old gear, PM me.

Nike Air Vapormax Tn Hybrid

way down and buy hockey uppers.

Nike Air Vapormax Tn Hybrid

Any and all help is appreciated. And if you want to sell your old goalie stuff, I have a thread for the Nike Vapormax Black

Most NLL guys get new gear every year at the expense of their team. I know a number of goalies who've purchased top of the line stuff, 1 season old, from the NLL guys. (So, I've personally shot on guys wearing gear from Watson, Cosmo, and Blasdell. Highlight of my pathetic lacrosse career is actually shooting on a pro goalie, Mike Miron (AZ Sting) a few times. I have 1 lousy goal against him to show for about 5 decent scoring chances.).

Box Goalie Equipment websites


Goalie store sometimes has good deals on used or overbuild gear. Give them a Nike Vapormax Tumblr

Remember that hockey uppers are made to stop a puck at 90mph so they are going to be safe for lacrosse in the body region. It's just a matter of "filling in the gaps" where the protection is lacking.

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plate armor made from cut up 5 gallon buckets (really widens the arms!)If you're clever and handy, you could probably take a medium to good set of hockey uppers and make something useable.

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pads out of a cut up set of hockey pants,

Nike Air Vapormax Tn Hybrid

07 07 2006, 09:52 AM

Nike Air Vapormax Tn Hybrid

07 07 2006, 11:06 AM

About goalie pants hockey pant work, right? But they have to be hoekcy goalie pads? Regular hockey thighs seem to be sturdy, but I just wanna make sure. As of now, looks like I may go the hockey route for the pants.

Nike Air Vapormax Tn Hybrid

Thanks a ton guys, these sites are exactly what I was looking for.

07 07 2006, 08:48 AM

I am from the states as well and got my uppers and shins from Maxlax. Like you said its gonna be pricy so here's what you can do: Buy a decent Hockey C/A and put either football or hockey shoulder pads on top. That leaves your biceps and elbows to be covered. Find a pair of good elbow pads and then either rig some biceps guards or use hockey shoulder pads that that have large enough arm guards to cover you biceps. I have done it before and it worked just fine with guys who played D1 and pro.

Now, new hockey uppers probably don't cost too much less than a boxlaX set. Where you might save is that you're way more likely to find a decent price on a used set of hockeys.

If I have to, I'll pick up the phone and call but I would at least like to comparison shop. Are there any other retailers out there in Canada that sell gear over the Internet? Are there any forums in Canada where people sell their old goalie gear? Since I work now, I can't exactly have the folks drop cash for my gear, so any purchase involves me and the girlfriend eating ramen noodles for awhile. So I am trying to save a little cash, but still not wanting to drop Nike Vapormax Flyknit

About hockey upppers: Like you said the shoulders don't go far enough toward your back to be safe and the elbow to upper arm area is not protected. These are easy fixes. Football or hockey shoulder pads on top, elbow pads made of hard plastic, box bicep pads of hard plastic. If you are coming into this with no gear at all this setup will save you between 150 300 bucks on a new C/A.

You may have to buy leg guards from Canada because thats just how it is. Any pair of used ice hockey goalie pants and decent hockey gloves will work. You can save yourself at least a few hundred bucks considering all the customs fee's you going to have to pay by ordering out of Canada. Fell free to PM me if you have any questions.

Thses sites are awesome for new gear, which I will probably end up buying. But before I go this route, does anyone know of any used equipment forums/webpages in Canada? In Virginia we have a store called Play It Again Sports and its amazing the deals youy find there. Just trying to stretch my dollar. About using hockey uppers I'm a bit hesitant sine they're made for hockey and not box, but which hockey uppers are the best to use in box? Some I've seen have little to no arm protection or no shoulders.

About using hockey Nike Air Vapormax Tn Hybrid uppers I'm a bit hesitant sine they're made for hockey and not box, but which hockey uppers are the best to use in box? Some I've seen have little to no arm protection or no shoulders.

07 06 2006, 05:18 PM

I don't know the best way to do this, but I've seen everything from:

ABout the football pads do I put them underneath to push up the hockey C/As and provide the closest protection to my body, or do I put them over the top and have them sit on to of the C/A pads? May be a juvenile question put I've seen people suggest this and always wondered.

in the "For Sale" forum.

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