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HE was a decorated war hero who battled the Nazis on fronts across Europe during World War II, but for Sir Peter Hilton, cancer was a fight he simply could not win.

She said: "I was quite ill over Christmas, battling with the flu. In January, when I had got over it, I was so glad to be well again, I started running.

The 27 year old, of Belper, said: "Grandad was a strong, kind and generous man who fought wars but this was his final battle.

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In 1972, he was made an honorary colonel, became Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire from 1978 to 1994 and was knighted in 1993. The University of Nike Vapormax Olive

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Derby named one of its halls of residence Sir Peter Hilton Court in his honour.

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Fliss said the early signs of the illness were quite innocuous. She said: "He started to feel a little unwell but he was from a generation with stiff upper lips. He went to see a doctor though and they thought what he had was arthritis.

Sir Peter faced toughest battle of his life when he fought cancer

And, in his memory, 16 years after his death from prostate cancer, his granddaughter Fliss Goldsmith is to run the Race For Life on Sunday, at Kedleston Hall, to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

Fliss said that after his illustrious career came to an end, her grandfather kept working to help the Derbyshire community.

With the 5th American Army he served in Italy from 1943 44, returning to join the Normandy invasion with the Royal Horse Artillery in 1944, where he was wounded. Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine For his bravery he won the Military Cross with two bars and was presented with the Order of Minerva by the King of Greece.

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

"It showed me that cancer could happen to anyone no matter what their background or how they have lived their life and it made me want to do what I could to help others fighting the disease."

"They made it a pleasant end for him."

was so sad to see."

But she said the family had help from trained nurses at the time.

"But very quickly he could do less and less. By the end he was completely bed bound and lost his appetite. My grandmother and my father cared for him. It Nike Air Vapormax White

He married Winifred Smith in 1942, and she became Lady Hilton. She died last year, aged 91.

"The MacMillan nurses were brilliant. They would always bring in a smile and they all had a good sense of humour. Grandad responded very well to that.

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

But in 1994, when he was 75, he was diagnosed with cancer.

She said the experience and then the loss of Sir Peter's brother John to cancer in 2007 inspired her to sign up for this year's Race For Life.

What Sir Peter actually had was prostate cancer, a common type of cancer in men. Fliss said: "His decline happened very suddenly. He said he was in a lot of pain but he still managed to drive himself to places and go to a lot of meetings.

Sir Peter Hilton was born in June 1919 into an old County Durham family, whose home for generations was Hilton Castle, near Sunderland.

She said: "He did a lot of work with ex servicemen and what he gave to Derbyshire was not always just donations of money, it was donations of time and effort."

"But six months later he was dead."

During his life, he met the Queen and received a knighthood, and left a lasting legacy throughout Derbyshire, but in the end he needed the love and support of friends, family and nurses.

He joined he British Expeditionary Force in 1939 and served in the Western Desert with the 7th Armoured Division from 1942 43, seeing action at Alamein, in North Africa.

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

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