Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

This page's OCG and TCG rulings contradict each other.

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

and/or DEF of a monster can be activated at this time. This includes cards like "Shrink", "Limiter Removal", "Rush Recklessly", "Rising Energy", and "Mirror Wall".

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

Quick Effect (Multi Trigger) Monster Effects that negate (and only negate) the activation of a card/effect

perform damage calculation.

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

After both players decide not to start a Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog Chain, gameplay proceeds to the Damage Step, as long as the attack can continue.

Damage Step

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

If such a monster is face down, its effect cannot be activated and you perform damage calculation normally.

controller of the attack target controls changes during the Battle Step, a replay is triggered. After a replay, a new Chain can be formed, but this Chain is not in response to an attack declaration.

The effect of "Nanobreaker" starts a Chain if it is attacking a face up Level 3 or lower monster. "Disciple of the Spell's" effect starts a Chain if it is attacking a face up monster with an that was selected by its effect. "Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke's" effect activates if it attacks a face up, Defense Position monster. (These effects won't activate if the opponent's monster is face down.)

The Damage Step has specific rules that govern what can or cannot be activated. "Wind Up Factory")

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

First, apply the Continuous Effects of monsters at this time, like "Steamroid", "Rampaging Rhynos", "Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger", "Etoile Cyber", "Super Robolady", "Super Roboyarou", "Black Veloci", and "Jain, Lightsworn Paladin".

Please refer to pgs. 35 37 of the rulebook (ver. 8.0) before reading this post.

Most of these effects destroy a battling monster. If a battling monster is destroyed, it is not flipped face up (so you do not activate Flip Effects) and you do not Nike Vapormax Plus Colorways

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

If the monsters that the Nike Vapormax Hyper Punch

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

The Damage Step is composed of a series of events. The start of the Damage Step, flipping the face down attacked monster face up, damage calculation, inflicting Battle Damage, activating the Flip Effect of the flipped monster, and sending a monster destroyed by battle to the Graveyard are separate events that all happen during the Damage Step.

Effects that increase, decrease, halve, or double the ATK Nike Vapormax Womens Laceless

Next, activate the Trigger Effects of monsters that activate at this time, like "Neo Spacian Grand Mole", the "Mystic Swordsman" cards, "The Six Samurai Irou", "Razor Lizard", "Sasuke Samurai", and "Sasuke Samurai 4".

You cannot enter the Battle Phase if you are the starting player. Entering your Battle Phase is optional, except where special conditions apply (like if you control a face up Attack Position "Berserk Gorilla"). If you do not wish to enter the Battle Phase, you must immediately proceed to your End Phase, without proceeding to Main Phase 2. You may enter the Battle Phase even if you do not control any monsters, or if all monsters you control are in Defense Position.

"Substep 1": Start of the Damage Step

"Attack and Receive", "Chthonian Blast", "Desrook Archfiend", "Michizure", "Null and Void", and "Numinous Healer"

Breakdown of the Battle Phase

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

Nike Air Vapormax Midnight Fog

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