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The 1,800 acre Little Sioux Scout Ranch is in the Loess Hills in westernmost Iowa, close to the Nebraska line, about 40 miles north of Omaha. The hills rise 200 feet above the plains in what is otherwise an exceedingly flat state.

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''We were prepared,'' he said. ''We knew that we need to place tourniquets on wounds that were bleeding too much. We knew we need to apply pressure and gauze. We had first aid kits, we had everything. We knew about this, we knew how to do it.''

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Ethan said the scouts' first aid training immediately compelled them to act.

Boy Scout officials said the campers had heard the severe weather alerts but decided not to leave because a storm was on the way.

Jessen said shortly afterward, the door on the multipurpose building flew open and he heard someone yelling to get under the tables.

''They were watching the weather and monitoring with a weather radio, listening for updates,'' said Deron Smith, a national spokesman for the organization. ''The spot they were at was the lowest spot of camp. It was deemed to be the safest place.''

While tornadoes are often associated with flat, open land, Iowa is in Tornado Alley, and forecasters said twisters are not unusual in the Loess Hills.

Also Thursday, several Kansas communities began cleaning up from tornadoes a day earlier that killed at least two people, destroyed much of the small town of Chapman, and caused extensive damage on the Kansas State University campus.

Dozens of the Scouts, Nike Air Vapormax Tn Hybrid

Putting their first aid training to use, they applied tourniquets and gauze to the injured. Some began digging victims from the rubble of a collapsed chimney. And others broke into an equipment shed, seized chainsaws and other tools, and started clearing fallen trees from a road.

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Boys Scouts praised as heroes after twister kills 4

BLENCOE, Iowa When the howling winds finally died down, the Boy Scouts true to Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Triple Black

Meanwhile, tales of heroism emerged from the Iowa camp.

He added: ''All of a sudden people started taking action. Like it just clicked. One of the staff members took off his shirt and put it right on the guy who was bleeding and told me to get on top of him so he would stop moving so he could apply pressure and gauze. We started digging people out of the rubble.''

Killed were Aaron Eilerts, 14, of Eagle Grove, Iowa, and Josh Fennen, 13, Sam Thomsen, 13, and Ben Petrzilka, 14, all of Omaha, Neb. Roitstein said all four had taken shelter in a building that was leveled, and all of them were found near its collapsed stone chimney. The governor said the cause of death had not been determined.

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Nike Vapormax Unlaced

their motto, ''Be Prepared'' sprang into action.

''There were some real heroes at this Scout camp,'' Gov. Chet Culver said, adding that he believes the Scouts saved lives while they waited for paramedics to cut through the trees and reach the camp a mile into the woods.

At the campsite, a pickup truck had been tossed on its side. Tree limbs rested on top of the Scouts' tents. Trees were flattened. And the one room multipurpose building where the scouts died was a pile of cinderblocks and chimney stones.

Roitstein said a group of scouts pulled the camp ranger and his family from their destroyed home. Doug Rothgeb of Omaha said his 15 year old son emerged from a ditch where he had taken cover, then joined other scouts to break into the equipment shed.

''I just remember looking over at my friend, and all of a sudden he just says to me, 'Dear God, save us,''' he said on NBC's ''Today'' show.

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''All of a sudden, the tornado came and took the building,'' Jessen said. ''It sounded like a giant freight train going right over the top of you.''

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Lloyd Roitstein, an executive with the Mid America Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Lisa Petry, the mother of 13 year old Boy Scout Jose Olivo, said she had a bad feeling Wednesday morning when she heard reports of possible severe weather. ''I thought, 'Should I call the scout camp and ask if there's severe weather, where will they go?''' she said.

ages 13 to 18, were hailed for their bravery and resourcefulness Thursday, the morning after a twister flattened their camp in Iowa and killed four boys.

At least a dozen people remained hospitalized Thursday with everything from bruises to spine and head injuries.

A group of Scouts who had set out on a hike had returned to the camp before the storm hit, Smith said.

Ethan Hession, 13, said he crawled under a table with his friend.

On the other side of the state, 3,900 homes were evacuated from flood stricken Cedar Rapids, where rescuers removed people with boats, officials estimated 100 blocks were under water, and a railroad Nike Vapormax Unlaced bridge over the flooded Cedar River collapsed.

Fourteen year old Zach Jessen of Fremont, Neb., said that before the storm struck, someone spotted the rotation in the clouds and a siren sounded in the multipurpose building, which had tables and a TV in addition to a fireplace. Jessen said he and others managed to get Scouts out of their tents and indoors just before the tornado hit. According to Roitstein, the Scouts took shelter in three buildings.

The 93 boys, all elite Scouts attending a weeklong leadership training session, had taken part in a mock emergency drill with 25 staff members just a day before the twister hit.

The camp includes hiking trails through narrow valleys and over steep hills, a 15 acre lake and a rifle range.

''They knew what to do, they knew where to go, and they prepared well,'' said Nike Vapormax Flyknit Running Shoes

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In Albert Lea, Minn., 90 miles south of Minneapolis, a man died Thursday after his vehicle plunged from a washed out road and was submerged in floodwaters.

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