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Another app called "Breaking Up gets right to the point, giving you lines to help make your break up easier. But easier isn always better.

Counselor Jan Sanford says rather than turning to an app to decide your relationship fate, you should instead spend time together. Go to a restaurant or on a date outdoors and make an effort to keep the romance alive.

So it not that we have to decide to drop technology and be together. It just we have time and sometimes we even share moments using technology playing a game," Laticia Jones said.

"A lot of times it helps to have a third person to help you look at the big picture. Because when you are intensely emotional about someone, it hard to see what real and what isn what rational and what logical," Sanford said.

Like a growing number of younger couples these days, Nathan and Leticia Jones romance first blossomed on the Internet. Now the two are spending their first Valentine Day, not only in the same country, but as a married couple. And while technology has been a big part in getting them together, it not the key to keeping them a couple.

Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush

Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush

When you begin to question your relationship, rather than an app she says, you should find someone to lean on.

"We do enjoy being together and we enjoy our time together. Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Off White

´╗┐Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush

SIOUX FALLS, SD When February rolls around, stores line shelves with flowers, teddy bears, and cards of all shapes and Nike Vapormax Chukka On Feet

Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush

"Well the most important thing is communication, I think. And as long as you are communicating openly and you understand each other, nothing can go wrong," Nathan said.

sizes. But for some couples, it not these material items helping them stay closer together; it their computer screens.

Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush

Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush

As a forward thinking 21st century couple, Laticia and Nathan say they know at the end of the day, they don need technology to determine their relationship future.

don need an application to tell me what to do because every relationship is different. I think it quite impossible for an application to know what you do in your life. I don Nike Vapormax Womens Black

think there is a way to standardize those," Laticia said.

And while technology can be used as entertainment, it can also be used to make major life decisions. The App "Make up or Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush Break up" is designed to ask you a series of questions helping you to decide if you should make up or break up. Laticia says she doesn have time for an App like that.

Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush

"She is actually from Spain so there was a period of time where we had to communicate on Skype because it was a long distance relationship," Nathan Jones said.

Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush

Nike Air Vapormax Chrome Blush

"You should be looking at the quality of love and affection and respect from that other person. And can you have fun with that other person? And can you communicate well?" Sanford said.

"When you with a person that you can be yourself and you don have to make a plan to do anything. That everything just comes easy, you know that is the person," Laticia said.

"Whatever the line is you have to own it and you need to be able to express it, interpret it and express it in your own words. And it has to reflect how you feel and the reason why it wasn working for you," Sanford said.

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