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East Anglia.

Experts carried out non invasive electrocardiogram (ECG) tests simultaneously in three rooms at Cliff Park Ormiston Academy in Gorleston over two days paid for by a fund set up in memory of a former pupil.

Simon Cullum died suddenly and without warning aged 29 from an undiagnosed heart problem, devastating his family and friends.

The weekend also garnered 200 in donations for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) the charity behind the screening which also supports bereaved relatives and funds research.

She said it was a weekend of "mixed emotions" as six years of tireless fundraising culminated finally in the two sessions.

Although there is some money left in Simon's Memorial Fund she still needs to raise over 3000 for the screening next year a target she is confident of reaching.

So successful was the effort, with few cancellations and dozens of walk ins, she now plans to stage another session next year and possibly fundraise for another at the Univerity of Nike Vapormax Blue Orbit

The free screenings were available Nike Vapormax White Black

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"Several of Simon's mates came to be tested," Mrs Cullum, said, adding: "It was a good feeling to know that of all the people who came the majority were given the all clear and went away happy. Nike Vapormax Elite If Simon had been tested at high school he would still be here because an ECG would have picked up the problem.

schools, potentially saving up to 20 lives a week.

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´╗┐Bradwell mum's mission to save lives sees scores tested for hidden heart problems

to people aged 14 to 35. Anyone who needed further investigation was offered another test on site.

"I did wonder how it would be but it was very jolly and we had a fantastic weekend," she said. "I was amazed that there was a lady who drove for three and half hours with her three sons to be screened because there was nowhere else nearby. We also had people from Leicester who came on the train with their two daughters who compete at Commonwealth level in sport and there was some family history of heart conditions."

The 59 year old said she was overwhelmed by the kind generosity of strangers many who had written to her with their own stories of lost loved ones, enclosing donations.

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Desperate to provide the kind of screening that could have saved him his mother Marilyn Cullum, from Bradwell, raised 12,000, enough for 200 check up slots.

While most people went away reassured two people were referred to London for a further screening and a 15 year old boy was advised to have another ECG in a year's time.

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