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Pastor Wright. "That's very bold."

Troop 40 is based at Oakey Grove Baptist Church in Evans. For months, they've left their trailer with all their equipment locked up in the corner of the lot, but Thursday night the spot sat empty.

Surveillance video caught a Nike Vapormax Plus Colorways

But he says it was nearly impossible to be prepared for what happened Monday night. Their trailer, with all their equipment inside, was stolen from the church parking lot.

The 6 foot by 12 foot trailer is white on the outside and unmarked with a sunroof and a side door. On the inside is all of their scouting equipment that's taken them years to accumulate.

"If they knew how much time we put into that trailer and how much effort that took would they really think Nike Vapormax Sale twice about stealing it?," added Rex.

"There are so many memories for us in there. All the camp outs we've been through, the times that we've had, the laughs, all the time we spent together and a part of that was just taken away," said Rex.

They have a camping trip planned in just two weeks and had actually just inventoried and cleaned the whole trailer on Saturday. Most of the equipment they had was through donations or fundraisers

Rex Wright has been a Boy Scout since he was 8 years old."The Boy Scout motto is be prepared. Be prepared for anything," he said.

dark colored SUV coming into the parking lot around 7:50 Monday night. It then continued to drive up and down the aisles for about three minutes before spotting the trailer in the back corner. At that point they went, hooked up the trailer to the car and took off. They were out of the parking lot by 7:54.

For the boys, it's not just about the equipment.

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it was stolen it was even more shocking.

"Never crossed my mind that somebody would actually do that," said Scout mom Leila Toatley.

Pastor Wright says they noticed it was missing Tuesday morning, but when he realized when Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Heritage Pack

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"It's like having the wind taken out of your body," added Pastor Wright of Oakey Grove Baptist Church.

"We use equipment inside the trailer for service projects and to just go camping," said Toatley.

"They were pulling the trailer off the property while the men were in choir rehearsal so they did it while we were actually here at the church," explained Nike Air Vapormax Hypebeast

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Nike Vapormax Sale

EVANS, Ga. (WRDW) A local Boy Scout troop has a lot of questions for the thieves who stole their trailer out of a church parking lot.

Boy Scout troop's trailer stolen out of church parking lot

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