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"He actually lost consciousness with me in my arms, and when we were in the back of the vehicle waiting for the ambulance to arrive," Chalmers III said. "But to see that, him go limp I knew he had a pulse but to see that, I wouldn't wish that on anybody."

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"We were dismissing him to go home and rest for football practice that evening, so he knocked off sometime about 2 that afternoon," said Chalmers' father, Chalmers Carr III.

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Nike Vapormax Black And Red

He knew this was serious, so he called for help. He also knew that being on a farm so far out of town, help wasn't coming for a while.

"(The PICU is) a family centered environment," Chalmers said. "It's very comfortable to be in."

Nowadays Chalmers' world is pretty much back to normal. Even after having to learn how to walk, talk, and eat all over again, he's back on his ATV this time with a helmet. He still works on the peach farm, and even his sister notices that nothing has Nike Vapormax Black And Red changed.

During Chalmers' recovery, he had other helping hands as well. More than a hundred friends and family took up camp in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit waiting room for two straight weeks.

"I say that God was there," he said. "He helped me in my accident, because the only reason that I did not die was that he caught me."

"And I asked them to treat him like he was their child and just to promise me that they would do that, and there was never a doubt in my mind through the whole time, that's what they did," Lori Anne said.

Boy dies twice after ATV accident

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That's when doctors decided to put Chalmers in a medically induced coma. He stayed in that coma for 17 days. Throughout this time his family never left his side, and neither did doctors and nurses.

That's not all. Chalmers IV wasn't wearing a helmet, so he cracked his skull in multiple Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit On Foot

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That makes all the difference in the world, or at least in Chalmers' world.

places. He also broke his collarbone.

"We were day to day, sometimes hour to hour, whether he was going to survive or not," said Chalmers III.

By this point, Chalmers had already died twice. His heart had stopped, and he had lost his pulse two times.

During that time in the coma, Chalmers' mom Nike Vapormax Red Swoosh

"They came around the corner with him, and then they put a crash cart right beside me, and that was a pretty big deal to know they had a crash cart there for him," said Lori Anne.

As those days and hours passed, Chalmers' body got stronger, and so did his will. He came out of his coma fighting.

"From the very first moment, we knew there were miracles happening along the way. And fortunate for us, that's not the case. The helicopter came from MCG," he said.

All he could do was wait and Nike Vapormax White Red Black

Nike Vapormax Black And Red

pray. Then he saw an angel in the sky.

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Chalmers Carr IV is a country boy who loves music and working for Titan Peach Farms. It's a way of life for the 13 year old and his family, but this past July it almost took his life.

A typical summer day on the farm turned into anything but, when a 13 year old Ridge Spring boy flipped his 4 wheeler. He wasn't wearing a helmet, and the accident almost killed him. Today he is proof that miracles do happen.

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That's when Chalmers IV hopped on his ATV.

"When I found him, he was across a ditch, lying motionless," Chalmers III said. "He was conscious, eyes open, couldn't speak, but he could move his legs a little bit."

As choppers raced toward MCG's Children's Hospital, so did Chalmers' family, including his sister, Carly Anne, and his mother, Lori Anne.

played music for him. Kenny Chesney is one of his favorites.

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Nike Vapormax Black And Red

"Once I saw him, I was kind of scared, because I didn't know what was going to happen," said Carly Anne.

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