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and avoid getting sick.

"There is some basis behind just breathing in cold air as far as it reduces the temperature in your nasal and sinus cavities, which can reduce the ability to fight off infection," Dr. Brian Kidman said.

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"Twice a year, I get a cold but I haven this year. I recommend the flu shot for everybody, drink at least eight glasses of water and try and get 30 minutes of exercise every other day and just get plenty of sleep," Halvorsen said.

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Nike Air Vapormax White

´╗┐Boosting Your Immune System

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Exercise is on the booster list, too. Helpful tips that might help you enjoy the holidays Nike Air Vapormax Black White

"It seems to help a little bit. The more water I drink helps me out; just try to eat healthy and go to the gym," Whitelock said.

things like that," Kidman said.

begins when cold weather appears.

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Getting enough sleep is just one way to boost your immune system this time of year. Eating healthier is another, though that Nike Air Vapormax White can be a challenge this time of year.

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Luckily for Ardis Halvorsen, she been able to stay healthy by sticking with the basics.

"I have a three year old who goes to day care, so I tend to get every cough and runny nose that he gets," Adam Whitelock said.

"Make sure the diet is healthy. That they are not eating mostly Christmas candy and baked goods, but plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean meats, nuts, berries Nike Vapormax Cdg

Looking for a pill to pop to help boost your immune system? Studies show vitamins C and D will help. You can also add a little coconut oil to your post workout smoothie, and drink Matcha green tea, which is known for having high levels of disease fighting antioxidants.

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"Physically, a person needs to get plenty of sleep. Eight hours of sleep would be ideal," Kidman said.

Health experts agree.

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SIOUX FALLS, SD Flu and cold season often Nike Vapormax Black Rose Gold

While this time of year can be difficult to avoid getting sick, it not actually the cold weather that causes a cold. It a virus, which is why health experts say boosting your immune system and staying healthy is all about doing the basics.

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