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we know that parents input and verbal involvement with kids has a pretty significant effect upon their development, said Dr. Richard Gallagher of New York University Child Study Center. so if it gets what you would describe as slightly watered down for older born kids, that could have an effect. said, Gallagher, associate professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine, said we need to be careful about assuming that a first born is always going to perform better academically than his or her siblings. He also said there a takeaway here for all of us parents.

Nike Vapormax Plum Fog

think that you always going to need a combination of the two, but all children are going to have a chance at something great if they have involved and engaged parents, she added.

the end of the day, you looking at that old scientific question, said Fitting, the parenting blogger and mom of two young kids.

Marc Reiner, a father of two elementary school age girls in New York City, said while the first child receives parenting, he not so sure it the as better parenting. nice to think it has a positive effect, but I suspect that it might actually be the reverse and the younger kids are smarter because they pick up more from their siblings, he said on Facebook. (We should note he is the youngest of three boys.)

do think that I learned from having my first, and so my second is reaping the benefits of me no Nike Vapormax Plum Fog longer being a complete hopeless mess of trial and error, she said.

Nike Vapormax Plum Fog

know this information, it a good idea to say, I guess I better not provide less attention in the early years to my next born kid. I guess I should also make sure that I should raise the same kinds of concerns about school performance with my younger kids that I done with my older kids, he said. presidents are first borns, and leading thinkers such as Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs were born first, too, you will probably run home and start giving children numbers 2, 3 and 4 some extra time and attention tonight.

But science is science, and this study, a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, follows several other studies that came to similar conclusions about the children who came first. sometimes that a good thing because you are not going to boil the pacifier every time it falls on the floor with the second and third kids, said Kluger. downside can be that (parents) become a bit more lackadaisical. surprise, I found no shortage of parents who vehemently take issue with the study and its findings.

I reported on back in 2007, found that first borns had higher IQs than their siblings because they got more undivided time and attention from mom and dad before their sister or brother came along.

oldest son is the same thing, said Rodriguez, a mom of three boys who are 5, 8 and 11, and founder of the blog, Dude Mom. extremely responsible. He always where he supposed to be. He very conscientious in school, and my subsequent children are just not like that. young boys seem like they intellectually smarter, she said, but they not getting the same grades as her oldest because he trying harder. He more focused. studies, such as one Nike Vapormax Flyknit Racer

children by telling them that they are the best whether they youngest, middle, oldest, I think that is really the key thing, said designer Ghada Dergham of Palm Beach, Florida, a single mom of three children now in their 20s and a season regular on DIY Vanilla Ice Project and Ice House. our children with the positivity of you can can do anything you put your mind to. Just be passionate about it and put your heart and soul in it and everything else will come together, she added.

come first. She said growing up she was more determined and focused than her brother was.

But before you do that, keep in mind that Thomas Jefferson was the third of eight kids, and billionaire Bill Gates was a middle, too.

Give all children, no matter their birth order, the gift of thinking anything is possible, many moms say.

personally don think that I am on my second born because we have high standards for both our children, said Ashley Fitting of northern California, a parenting and lifestyle blogger and mom to a 4 year old and 10 month old.

Nike Vapormax Plum Fog

And ultimately, how much does it come down to nature vs. nurture?

Nike Vapormax Plum Fog

Nike Vapormax Plum Fog

Nike Vapormax Plum Fog

But first borns such as Amanda Rodriguez of Frederick, Maryland, who said somewhat facetiously she is smarter than her brother, think there is something unique about the children who Nike Vapormax White

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Nike Vapormax Plum Fog

Nike Vapormax Plum Fog

borns are smarter leads to debate among parents

Nike Vapormax Plum Fog

Nike Vapormax Plum Fog

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