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Nike Vapormax Tn

"We work closely with the Cannons and they're great partners. But yes, we've had field coaches and adminstrators tell us they're boycotting our games because of the fighting and the rules that allow cross checking and that it goes against what they're trying to teach. It's mostly the older guys but we think the younger guys Nike Air Vapormax Black Red

Nike Vapormax Tn

"Delaware North owns the Garden and the Bruins, so Nike Vapormax Junior

When it comes to making a sale, Doug Reffue knows what's going on. He did it at Yankee Candle and he did it at Brine, among other companies, and now he's blazing a trail in and around Boston for the Blazers of the National Lacrosse League. And beyond the team on the floor, Reffue is very much aware that it takes more. Beyond being a winner on the floor, a pro sports teams needs fans and sponsors to survive and thrive, and that's exactly what's driving Reffue these days in Boston. So what's his approach? Turn the page and find out.

8. How about the field lacrosse people? Is that a battle?

Nike Vapormax Tn

"Yes, and with guys like Dan (Dawson) and Anthony (Cosmo), that was a nice bit of luck for us. But we also relocated 10 guys to Boston and they're living together in a house in Brighton, an area for younger professionals just outside of the city. They're together a lot and make a lot of appearances together and learning to trust each other."

1. Given the knowledge gained from last year's experience, what's the goal for the Blazers this season?

3. Winning helps too, no doubt.

Boston Blazers GM Doug Reffue

Nike Vapormax Tn

7. Ever hear from the old Blazers?

understand that our players are getting paid to play . and as painful as it is to walk away from any customer, sometimes you have to do it. We can't cater to 100% of the lacrosse segement, or we lose. We can't cater to the 10 complaints we get about music during the games. Sometimes, we just have to say that the NLL isn't for everyone."

Nike Vapormax Tn

Nike Vapormax Tn

from upstate New York and we want gritty, lunch pail guys who put the team first. I'm always impressed by Tom becaus he'll come up to me and say he met this guy in Hawaii, or he talked with this guy in Lake Placid or talked with a guy at the bar and he'll tell me this is the type of guy we want around. We have gotten calls in the past (about trades or signings) and we've passed. We've said that yeah, he's a great lacrosse player, but he's not a Boston Blazer."

10. Opening weekend notwithstanding, you're still confident the Blazers are built for a title run?

"I was so busy I didn't get a chance to get to the locker room, but our peaks and valleys will come back to our youth. But today we are a day older and a day wiser. I just think we weren't 100% focused and ready and our guys will learn from this. You can't take a single shift off in this league, or you're going to lose. They'll see that and react."

2. What's going 'right' in Boston?

"Yeah, we've got Gary Bining and Paul Dawson holding down the fort."

9. Ever get any of Boston's other pro athletes to Blazers games?

"(Coach) Tom Ryan and I are Nike Air Vapormax R

Nike Vapormax Tn

"All the time. We had a party for them last year and honored them at halftime of a game. We kept the names of the guys and they're helping us drum up the old brand. Some of them wish we'd get out the old Gatorade uniforms, but we won't got that far!"

4. Wow. Ten lacrosse players in one house?

6. So you're looking for specific people, not specific lacrosse players.

Nike Vapormax Tn

Nike Vapormax Tn

Nike Vapormax Tn

"Absolutely. We laid an egg on Saturday, no doubt about it. It was disappointing, but we lost last year's opener and still went on to have a great season. Our core is young, athletic and has a high lacrosse IQ. It'll all come together."

"Being in Boston, you can't enter any season without the goal of winning a championship. We'd love to have a home playoff game this year, though, and layered on top of that, we'd love to get the team to gel more and bond more. We're always working on creating a core and our own identity."

"My background is in brand management and product development so I am very aware of what it takes to launch a product. I tell the people in the office all the time that if we were launching a soft drink, we wouldn't launch a cola to go up against Coke. We'd lose every time. So in that sense, we cannot be the Patriots or the Celtics. We're trying to create a unique brand and the players get that. We have no whiny superstar athletes and the dance team goes out with the players, too. We manage the brand to every Nike Vapormax Tn detail, right down to what they wear and what they look like when they go out."

they've been extremely helpful. They gave us a suite for a game recently and some of the Bruins guys came out to watch. It's funny, because that house I mentioned earlier, Brett Queener lives there and apparently he walked in one Sunday afternoon and told the Canadian guys that in America, we watch football on Sundays. But with all the Canadians, they said not in this house, and they watched hockey."

5. There's a lot going on in Boston. What's your sense of the Blazers' place in the community?

"(Team owner and current AOL president) Tim Armstrong didn't get to where he is by not listening to the business fundamentals. There is no detail that's too small and we only have one chance to make a first impression."

11. So it's a case of having an off game, nothing glaring that needs to be addressed?

Nike Vapormax Tn

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