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Recorder Ciaran Rankin said: "You lured this young man to the scene, you were drunk, you set out to hurt him and you hurt him in a rather considerable way it's had a severe impact."

Rashad Mohammed, for Marsden, said: "She is trying to change her ways."

from friends telling him to meet them at Tesco, in Hilton.

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"He had surgery and two plates and screws were inserted into his jaw. He had stitches as a result of that," said Miss Slater. "He had to have a soft diet for two months."

"This has caused him a great deal of concern as he played hockey competitively," said Miss Slater.

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Prosecutor Sarah Slater told the court that, on the evening of the attack, December 31, the victim Nike Vapormax Off White For Sale

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The victim had a swollen, misshapen face after the incident and is now unable to compete in contact sports.

had received text messages Nike Vapormax Plus Electric Blue

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But when he arrived, no one was there. He was then told to meet them at the skate park. When he arrived, Marsden pushed him to the chest saying that he had messed up her life.

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Mr Rankin said: "The purpose of the deferment is to see whether that aspect of the pre sentence report, that she has started to engage in victim awareness work, can be built on. Everything else in this report shows she has no concern whatsoever about the victims of her crimes."

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Speaking about her home life, he said: "The very people one would expect to help and assist the defendant have turned their back on her."

Marsden, of Soar Close, Hilton, was arrested on January 12. In court, she admitted wounding as well as criminal damage, which related to her throwing a beer bottle through the window of a house, on November 15.

Boy's hockey career wrecked after girl's attack in Hilton park broke his jaw

But Mr Rankin said he was going to defer Marsden's sentencing for another six months to give her a chance to prove herself and maybe avoid being locked up.

Slater told the court the victim said she had Nike Vapormax Cdg then hit him three times to the face before running off.

He called his mum and was taken to hospital where an X ray showed his jaw had been fractured.

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