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Deragisch says the overwhelming vote back in 2009 shows the community's commitment to education.

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been done this year, it might've been a miserable winter. The old school's boiler actually didn't pass inspection, so some pretty chilly mornings were going to be Nike Air Vapormax Womens Pink

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But even with this footnote in history, there's still a message at the end of the lesson.

Brand New School For Hills

"We had some leaky roof problems," Hills Beaver Creek superintendent Dave Deragisch said. "The windows needed to be replaced. Nike Air Vapormax Blue The list could go on and on."

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"It was kind of scary to be in it," Hills Beaver Creek senior Chelsea Kroon said. "It's not really up to date."

"It's not the building that makes the school; it's the students inside here," Deragisch said.

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in store in the coming months.

It's safe to say the old Hills Beaver Creek wasn't the safest school.

"We have the same students, the same staff. But we have geothermal heating and cooling systems," Deragisch said. "We have smartboards in the classroom. We have bigger spaces."

The first day of school for students at Hills Beaver Creek was August 22, but Tuesday was a first day 90 years in the making. For the first time since 1921, grades 7 12 have a brand new building in Hills, Minnesota.

"It's a big day," Deragisch said. "It's an historic day for Hills Beaver Creek."

"I feel like I'm in the 21st century now," Hills Beaver Creek senior Natalie Leuthold said.

The smartboards are probably the Nike Vapormax Gold

A new building has been discussed in the community for years, but during one of the country's most crucial economic times back in March of 2009, the vote for a new school passed with 71 percent approval. Even though there's still a learning curve navigating the new complex, students, teachers and administrators are willing to follow this lesson plan.

"It's better than watching on the old televisions where you had to squint and watch all the old movies," Hills Beaver Creek senior Ryan Reit said. "And teachers can post stuff on the computer and don't have to print everything out now."

To lend some perspective, the last time Hills opened a school, Warren Harding was President. It's a history lesson that's not lost as the community opens this brand new building.

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Deragisch says had the building not Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Utility Maximum Black

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most noticeable difference, providing a break from the old school methods of teaching.

"Better than chalkboards; that's for sure," Kroon said.

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