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And it wasn't until months later, when a woman in her support group tragically died from breast Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Strap

Without shedding a tear, the Geelong girl got on with the practicalities of what needed to be done to fix the problem.

But for Kylie, chemotherapy completely took over her life, chewed up all her energy and destroyed any semblance of a normal routine.

"I think you're always a bit scared, even now there's that fear that it could come back, but at the time I was just really keen to get going with the treatment.

"I was pretty devastated initially but then I just took on a bit of a workman like approach," she said.

Hannah did not think it was something she would have to confront at such a young age.

"I told my mum that my breaking point was going to be when I lost my hair and it was," she said.

"I was crying at a sneak preview of House Husbands and I'd never even watched the show before," she said.

When her long, thick, shiny brown hair began to disappear and she was forced to shave what was left of it off, she finally succumbed to the emotion of her battle.

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The most noticeable side effect was a hormonal imbalance that caused her to become emotional at even the smallest things.

Breast cancer campaign Curve Lurve targets young women

"I'm generally a pretty positive person anyway so I just tried to seek out the positives in all of it.

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"You can sit around crying about it all day but it doesn't make you feel any better, it just makes you feel worse."

Breast cancer is a disease normally associated with older women but it is increasingly being linked with women under 40.

An Australian Institute of Health and Welfare study conducted in 2008 showed about six per cent of breast cancer patients were in their 20s and 30s.

Newtown's Hannah Merrigan was only 27 when she noticed a change in her breast.

Hannah approached chemotherapy like a job she had to go to; it made her a bit more tired than usual but she still lived her life around it.

The changes in her breast turned out to Nike Vapormax Clot be cancer and the numerous tests and scans also revealed a completely unrelated cancer in her thyroid.

"I never did regular breast checks. I knew I was at risk, but I thought I didn't have to worry about it until I was in my 30s."

But the incredible tower of strength that she had built around herself came crumbling down at a seemingly innocuous moment.

"I have a history of breast cancer in my family so I didn't freak out but I kind of thought I better get it checked out straight away.

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with breast cancer in her early 30s, Nike Vapormax Vintage Wine

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When she sat down to tell her parents the devastating news, she actually had to make a conscious effort not to laugh when her well spoken mum said "shit".

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Nike Vapormax Clot

"I was in the shower and I noticed that my nipple looked a bit odd, sort of inverted, so I had a feel around and it was a bit hard," she said.

"I got really upset. I bawled my eyes out. I just really liked my hair."

cancer, that she took a moment to ponder the fact that the disease could kill.

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Nike Vapormax Clot

Nike Vapormax Clot

The news started a long journey of chemotherapy, surgery and plans for a double breast reconstruction in the future.

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Although her mum had been diagnosed Nike Vapormax Womens Red

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