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Boylan case shows Garda use of informants shrouded in darkness

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A senior garda familiar with CHIS told the Irish Examiner the system was "as good a system as you are going to get". He said handlers were highly trained and strictly supervised.

The investigation examined the relationship between the unit and the informant, whether it was part of the official system or "off book", whether Boylan was allowed to conduct his own operations unhindered and what senior management knew about it.

There has been at least one high profile case in the courts in recent times where garda used an informant outside the CHIS system.

"You have to realise these are the most manipulative, most devious and most dangerous of people. It is extremely hard work to handle them. People must remember many, many murders have been prevented this way, many drug and firearms shipments intercepted."

It's a bit like the closet with the proverbial skeletons. It has creaked open, but only slightly, just enough for a few limbs to spill out. Inside is still shrouded in darkness.

The Nike Air Vapormax White And Red Garda source said that these were legacy cases and all informants were run through CHIS. He said occasional informants such as someone who rings once a year may not be registered and that new or potential informants go through a "bedding in" process before being registered. He pointed out that a former High Court judge did oversee the system and that he was satisfied with Garda compliance with it.

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The GSOC report raised specific concerns about "participating informants" those who are active criminals. The ombudsman said the absence of clear guidance on this area both from Garda HQ and the DPP created "significant risks".

The Garda Sochna Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) spent four years examining it, stemming from a specific investigation into alleged collusion between members of an elite Garda unit and a convicted drug trafficker Kieran Boylan.

In a separate, special report to the justice minister, the watchdog called for reform and adherence to the CHIS system and for a new level of "intrusive" oversight.

Irish Examiner Reporter

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Unfortunately and this is a gaping hole in the information publicly released on Thursday we are not much the wiser on answers to these questions.

It's an area that is, by its very nature, an ethical, operational and legal minefield.

hand, there may be a need for legislation to govern the operation of CHIS and informants.

a brief outline of general deficiencies in informant handling in the Garda unit: the absence of training, lack of awareness of the official informant system, unnecessary risks in the handling of informants and a lack of record keeping. It also said there was a "culture of non adherence" by multiple Garda units.

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but necessary aspect of policing: the use of informants and the thin line between criminality and order their handlers must walk.

It expressed "grave concerns" the deficiencies in the old ISMS informant handing system had not all been remedied in the new CHIS system.

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That's the insight we have been given into a shadowy Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Asphalt

He said that while many people were put forward as potential informants, "very few" were chosen. He said they were subject to reliability and threat assessments and their case was constantly reviewed.

In the special report, GSOC touched on the issue of informants being run off book. It didn't rule out the need for this, but said guidance should be given to garda using "non registered informants".

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