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Darcey finished her treatment in June this year, three days before her fifth birthday. She continues to go to hospital for monthly check ups but is now in remission.

She was nominated by Sam, who says: "It was such a beautiful thing for her to get and something she can keep forever.

"And to watch her lose it not once, or twice, but three times, was just heart breaking. Now she has a mop of curly hair, Nike Air Vapormax Triple Black On Feet

"But the doctor was really good with us. He told us straight that, because Harrison was not an identical twin, there was little chance that he would have it, too. If they had been identical, that would have been so much bigger."

She says: "Last year was so heart breaking. Darcey was just so poorly that she couldn't open any of her Christmas presents with any level of excitement.

Nike Air Vapormax Night

Nike Air Vapormax Night

Today, Darcey is in remission after battling acute lymphoblastic leukaemia a cancer of the white blood cells, which help the body to fight infection since she was two.

Nike Air Vapormax Night

"She would lie in her hospital bed, barely eating and so unhappy, but when Harrison came to visit she'd smile for the first time that day. Darcey would sit up whenever he came and she'd share her dinner with him.

But, as far as her mother is concerned, five year old Darcey Ince would not be here today without the love of her twin brother, Harrison.

Nike Air Vapormax Night

Nike Air Vapormax Night

"If there were any germs going, she'd catch them and that's why we were always in and out of the hospital. In November last year, she got chicken pox.

of all the treatments her daughter went through. This included the lumbar punctures to take fluid from inside the lower back transfusions and chemotherapy sessions.

Brave Darcey would not be here today if it wasn't for the love of her twin

SHE has endured 19 lumbar punctures, 14 blood and platelet transfusions, endless sessions of chemotherapy and has spent most of the past three years in hospital.

"This year, she's really feeling the excitement of Christmas that she couldn't feel last time. It's wonderful to see her well enough to be genuinely excited."

Because Darcey has been through so much, charity Cancer Research UK has given her a star shaped chrome trophy as part of its Little Star awards which recognise Nike Air Vapormax Night the courage of children who face cancer.

even though it used to be straight, because the chemotherapy made it curly., but it's the symbol of her feeling well."

Sam says: "I have to say, the level of care she received at the Queen's Medical Centre was great it was absolutely brilliant, but the treatments obviously had side effects.

"In many ways, we were really lucky because the doctor picked up on her condition early doors and tested for it.

Sam says: "You do have to remind yourselves, as parents, that it is only hair and it will grow back but, being only two, Darcey was losing her lovely little girl's long locks. It was the symbol of her illness.

This year, Darcey and her family, of St Edmund's Close, Allestree, are really looking forward to December 25.

Nike Air Vapormax Night

"She may not remember her diagnosis but, when the bright, sparkly award is still sitting on her sideboard on her 18th birthday, it will remind her of everything she has gone through."

Sam kept a record Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Strap

Sam says: "It was absolutely wonderful news we threw a huge party to mark it, inviting everyone who had been supportive of Darcey in those two and a half years.

Nike Air Vapormax Night

"I realise now that this was what she was leaning towards she said at the time that she wanted to do tests to rule out a number of things. Looking back, I can see this was what she was getting at."

Darcey was diagnosed with cancer after Sam and dad Sean, 44, noticed she had a temperature for a couple Nike Air Vapormax Grade School

One of the most difficult parts for Darcey's parents was watching her hair repeatedly fall out.

Sam says: "We actually thought the diagnosis might be meningitis. It was a huge shock for us. An hour later, she was in an ambulance being taken to Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre and, within the next 12 hours, she was on chemotherapy.

"The charity, When You Wish Upon a Star, had organised for her to go to Lapland but she couldn't go because of it, but they've kindly organised for her to do it this year."

Nike Air Vapormax Night

Nike Air Vapormax Night

Nike Air Vapormax Night

"It was almost like a job to her she knew she needed to do it and just got on with it but she couldn't have any fun.

The fight has seen Darcey lose her hair three times, miss a trip to Lapland to see Santa and be too ill to even enjoy Christmas last year.

of days. She also developed tiny red dots on her body including on her eyelid, her foot and her leg and was taken to the Royal Derby Hospital. Blood tests confirmed she had acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Darcey was kept in hospital for three weeks for her first block of treatment. This was followed by three further sessions of intensive chemotherapy over 10 weeks, followed by multiple spells of treatment for the next two and a half years.

"At one stage, she didn't have any feelings in her legs and couldn't walk for some time. You could obviously never take her out for the whole day because of that and also because her immune system was so low.

Nike Air Vapormax Night

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