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In CBB Cape Town there's a whole lot of shaking going on. What is this Nike Air Vapormax Black And Grey

Biehl's family publicly forgave her killers, and CBB Cape Town students, staff and faculty focus not on the violence that mars post apartheid South Africa but on the optimism that springs up in spite of it. Claire Cuno, a Bates junior, points out that Beautiful Gate, the hospice for children with AIDS, is a sad place, but she describes the devotion of those who work there as "humbling." Brendan Ferriter, a Bates junior who also worked at Beautiful Gate, talked about the "positive aura" there. "I feel a lot of love and caring in the place," Ferriter said.

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Nike Air Vapormax Leather

South Africa.

That, of course, is the idea, not only of CBB Cape Town but of a liberal arts education to distort what had been your world view. To shake your foundations and make you reconsider your beliefs.

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Hannah Arnold '03 and Sarah Dean '03 explain characteristics of marshland as part of an environmental science community service program at Zerilda Park School in Lavender Hill Townships

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Nike Air Vapormax Leather

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There is crime in the city, especially in the townships. Students don't wander the townships at night, or alone during the day. When they are in the townships, they're accompanied by friends who live there or are dropped at a community service destination. A tour taken by students includes a stop at the cross erected in Guguletu in memory of Amy Biehl, the American woman murdered by an anti apartheid mob in 1993.

Jaboin worked in the basketball program in Lavender Hill and felt both fulfilled and an impostor, he said. "I never volunteered before," he admitted. "The program has made me think a lot about the idea of community service. It started me thinking a lot about my relationship to the world."

Yes, the economic problems facing the country are overwhelming. AIDS looms like an ever present Grim Reaper. Improvements in housing and sanitation don't keep pace with mounting unemployment and the declining South African currency, the rand.

"And then there are these incredible people like Raymond [Engelbrecht, in Lavender Hill] who are dedicating their lives toward trying to change circumstances in their communities," Webb said. "It's a phenomenal place."

Brave New World

tip of the iceberg. There may be people who are saying, 'No way is my child going to that program.'"

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In fact, the CBB students are kept on what they say is a pretty tight leash. They're issued cell phones and told to keep the center and host families apprised of their whereabouts, and the rigorous academic demands keep them at the CBB center or the University of Cape Town much of the week. Last semester, some students complained about the workload, saying they wanted more time to explore Cape Town and Nike Vapormax Womens On Feet

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Nike Air Vapormax Leather

CBB students and faculty alike describe Cape Town and South Africa as emotionally uplifting and naturally beautiful. Students chafe under security constraints, with some renting cars and traveling to Namibia, Botswana, even Zanzibar. Last semester several students bought surfboards and took to the waves. And many students, like Colby senior Steve Jaboin, made fast friends Nike Air Vapormax Leather of host families. "It was really fabulous. They go camping, canoeing. Everything was an adventure. I was their child," he said.

To an American, that's jarring. To a South African, that's simply true.

A Haitian American, Jaboin accompanied his colored host family on outings, to parties. During a stint with a conservative white host family whose sons were into hip hop music, he heard his host mother remark upon seeing a white man panhandling: "For someone to be white and poor, they must have really tried to fail."

place with a brutal past and a heroic leader? How can so many criminals and saints live side by side? With all of its problems, how can one of South Africa's most distinguishing characteristics be optimism? Why don't the impoverished masses rise up and smash the Ferrari dealership? How many township children have never been to the beach? Why are we so fortunate in this country? In the age of CNN and worldwide coverage, why don't we know more about it?

Stakeman, noting that he grew up in New York City, says he doesn't find Cape Town especially dangerous for a large city. He maintains that many parental concerns come from misconceptions about South Africa and the African continent in general. Indeed, for parents whose image of South Africa may date to the Soweto riots, the country may seem a threatening place.

"A lot of the students felt more confused at the end of the program than at the beginning," Besteman said. "They came home with more questions to reflect on, more open mindedness about confronting problems in their own country."

Not that the CBB program produces political Pollyannas. Webb's course on AIDS in South Africa (which included a panel discussion by national experts, including the country's minister of health) took a hard look at the reality of the situation, especially the fallback shift from prevention to treatment. Besteman points to the frustration of black South Africans, who thought the political struggle of the 1980s would bring relief from crushing poverty. "There's a sense that apartheid ended and white people got to keep everything," she said.

In fact, several students said that when they broached the idea of going to Cape Town to their parents, the reaction was, "Why can't you just go to London?" One student said her father drew up a list of what she could and couldn't do in South Africa.

"I can't tell you how many parents I've spoken to about that," Stakeman said. "If they're speaking to me they want to be reassured. . . . But they're only the Nike Vapormax The Ten

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